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2024    Horton Iris Garden           7440 King Rd, Loomis, CA

Please refer to shopping instructions for shipping fees, abreviations, etc.
All photos taken by Mary Ann Horton and cropped to fit

Aardvark Lark
$ Sold Out

TB,  EM  35" tall
Standards peach apricot, Falls peach apricot, heavily overlaid medium red-purple, veined peach apricot, hafts veined, centerline & 1/4" margin, beards orange, slight sweet fragrance.    By  P. Black, 2002

Aaron's Bonus
$ 6.00

TB,  EM  37" tall
Greyed white, falls same, veined yellow green to gold at shoulders, beards dark yellow, pale yellow at ends.   By  G. Sutton, 1999

About Last Night
$ 7.00

TB,  M  30" tall
Standards purplish-black, Falls black, hafts veined cream, beards bright yellow gold, pronounced sweet fragrance.  By  P. Black, 1999

Above The Rim
$ 12.00

TB,  RE-8,  M-L  34" tall
Standards yellow, paler at edge, Falls white, blending into bluebird blue band 3/4 of way down, yellow shoulders & veining, 1/4" red-purple edge, beards yellow orange, slight sweet fragrance.    By  M. Sutton, 2011

Absolute Treasure
$ 7.00

TB,  M 42" tall
Sky blue self; Falls silghtly lighter center, beards white, tipped golden yellow in middle & throat, frosty white at end, slight sweet fragrance.   
By  R. Tasco, 2006

$ 7.00

TB, E-M  36" tall
Standards red-violet, Falls velvety black, red-violet rim, beards brick.  
By  J. Ghio,  2008

Achy Breaky Heart
$ 8.00

TB, RE-8,  L-M  36" tall
Standards cream infused pale pink; Falls white overlaid & veined shades of bluebird blue, beards orange, white at end, slight sweet fragrance.
By  G. Sutton, 2006

Action Packed
$ 8.00

TB,  M -VL  36" tall
Standards white, washed light tan-gold, wine veining, wine wire rim; Falls velvety purple-black, beard surrounded by white rays, beards violet base, hairs tipped orange.   
By  P.  Black, 2011

Added Praise
$ 6.00

TB,  LM  42" tall
Wisteria blue self; beards creamy yellow in throat, white at end.
By  J. Boushay, 1977

Addicted To Love
$  Sold Out

TB,  LM  35" tall
Standards azalea pink, Falls shell pink, beards jasper red, pronounced sweet fragrance.   By  L. Lauer, 2017

After Party
$ 7.00

TB,  EM  38" tall
Standards pale tan, purple infusion at midribs; Falls medium dark purple, pale purple stripe extending down 2/3 petal from beard, white striations at hafts, beards orange. mild sweet fragrance.    By  L. Hedgecock,  2013

After The Storm
$ 6.00

TB,  ML  36" tall
Medium blue self, beard white, tipped lemon, slight sweet fragrance.
By  S. Innerst, 1992

$ 7.00

TB,  E-L  37" tall
Standards ice white, lilac midribs fading to white with age; Falls medium violet, veined lighter, lavender rims, cream feathers around beard, brown veined hafts, beards vermillion red, cream base tipped vermillion at end, pronounced spicy fragrance.   By  M. Smith, 2012

Afternoon Tea
$ 11.00

TB,  ML  36" tall
Standards pale greyed cream-lavender, yellow flushed at base & center;  Falls pale greyed cream-lavender, narrow light yellow rim, large irregular brown wash, beards white, tipped gold in throat and middle.   
By  L. Mann, 2016

Air Hog
$ 12.00

TB, SA,  M  36" tall
Standards creamy-yellow; Falls burgundy, lighter at edges, beard bronze, large uplifting burgundy spoons, spicy fragrance.   By  T. Burseen,  2009

$ 6.00

TB, L-M  34" tall
Standards light mauve, Falls deep cotinga purple, with creamy haft lines & bronze veined throat.
By  Vilmorin, 1910

Alien Mist
$ 7.00

TB,  RE-8,  M 37" tall
Very pale blue self, breard bright medium blue-violet, horned, slight sweet fragrance.     By  C. Bartlett,  1998

All Aboard
$ 7.00

TB,  M  39" tall
Standards soft blue, midrib darker; Falls white with hints of blue, beards yellow, base white.    By  V. Christopherson, 2003

All Ashore
$ 12.00

TB,  M-L  36"  tall
Standards green-ecru, mid violet infused midrib;  Falls mid dark violet-blue center blending to light slate blue margin, brassy olive haft, beard mid burnt orange, pronounced sweet fragrance.     By  P. Black, 2013

All Night Long
$ 7.00

TB, L  31" tall
Dark purple-black self, beards purple at end, violet in middle, slight sweet fragrance.    By  R. Duncan,  2005

$ 7.00

TB,  M  36" tall
Lightly ruffled dark smooth red maroon self; beards dark maroon red, slight sweet fragrance.     By  W. Maryott, 1990

Alpine Journey
$ Sold Out

TB,  E-EM  38" tall
Standards snow white; Falls golden yellow, beards golden yellow.
By  B. Blyth 1984/1985

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