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2023    Horton Iris Garden        7440 King Rd, Loomis, CA

Please refer to shopping instructions for shipping fees, abreviations, etc.
All photos taken by Mary Ann Horton and cropped to fit.

Aardvark Lark
$ Sold Out

TB, EM 35” tall
Peach apricot over same, overlaid red purple, rims, Slight sweet fragrance.
By P. Black, 2002

Aaron’s Bonus
$ 6.00

TB, EM 37” tall
Ruffled white flower with yellow veined shoulders, dark yellow beards with
light tips.        By  G. Sutton, 1999

Aaron’s Dagger
$ 6.00

TB, SA,  EM 37” tall
Ruffled red-violet flower, orange beards with white tip, ¾” horns.      
By G. Sutton, 1995

About Last Night
$ 7.00

TB,  M 30” tall
Ruffled black flower, purple cast, bright yellow beards, sweet fragrance.    
By P. Black, 1999

Above The Rim
$ 12.00

TB, RE-8, M-L 34" tall
Standards yellow, paler at edge; Falls white, blending into bluebird blue band 3/4 of way down, yellow shoulders & veining, 1/4" red-purple edge; beards yellow-orange; slight spicy fragrance.     By  M. Sutton, 2011

Absolute Treasure
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 42” tall
Sky blue self; style arms slightly lighter toward back, Falls: slightly lighter centers, beards white tipped golden yellow in middle & throat, frosty white at end; heavily ruffled, slight sweet fragrance.   By R. Tasco, 2006

$ Sold Out

TB,  EM  36" tall
Red-violet over velvet black, red-violet rims, beards brick.
By  J. Ghio, 2008

Achy Breaky Heart
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-8,  ML 36” tall
Cream infused pink over white, overlaid & veined bluebird blue, red-orange beards tipped white, slight sweet fragrance.          By Sutton, 2006

Added Praise
$ 6.00

TB, RE-7, ML 42" tall
Wisteria blue self, creamy yellow beard, creamy yellow in throat.
By Boushay, 1976

After Party
$ 7.00

TB,  EM  38" tall
Standards pale tan, purple infusion at midribs; Falls medium dark purple, pale purple stripe extending down 2/3 petal from beard, white striations at hafts, beard orange, mild sweet fragrance.    By  Hedgecock, 2013

After The Storm
$ 6.00

TB,  RE-9, ML 36” tall
Ruffled medium blue flower, white beards, sweet fragrance.
By  Innerst, 1992

$ Sold Out

TB,  EML 36" tall
Ice white, lilac midrib fading to white with age; style arms ice pale edges, lilac midribs; falls: medium violet, entire petal veined lighters, lavender rims, cream feathers around beards, brown veined hafts, beards vermillion red, cream base tipped vermillion at end, huge, neavily ruffled, pronounced spicy fragrance.    By  M. Smith, 2012

Afternoon Tea
$ 11.00

TB,  M  36" tall
Standards pale greyed cream-lavender, yellow flash at base & center; Falls pale greyed cream-lavender, narrow light yellow rim at distal edge, large irregular brown wash streaked light lavender & yellow, slightly iridescent dark brown veins around beard; beards white tipped gold in throat & middle, sparse brown ends.  
By  L. Mann, 2016

$ 6.00

TB, ML 36" tall
Standards light mauve; Falls velvety pansy purple, creamy hafts and bronze veined.
By Vilmorin, 1910

Alien Mist
$ 7.00

TB, RE-9, SA,  M 37” tall
Ruffled very pale blue flower, bright medium blue beards and horns, slight fragrance. By C. Bartlett, 1998

All Ashore
$ 18.00

TB,  M-L 34" tall
Standards green-ecru, mid violet infused midribs; Falls dark violet-blue center blending to light slate blue margin; brassy olive hafts; beards mid burnt orange, sweet fragrance.     By  P. Black, 2013

All Night Long
$ Sold Out

TB,  L 31” tall
Dark purple black flower and beards, ruffled, slight fragrance.
By  Duncan, 2005

$ Sold Out

TB, M 36” tall
Dark red maroon flower and beards, slight sweet fragrance.
By  B. Maryott, 1990

Alpine Journey
$ 7.00

TB,  EM 38” tall
Striking ruffled white over golden yellow.
By  B. Blyth, 1984

$ 7.00

TB, RE-4,   ML 37” tall
Creamy yellow with golden hafts and shoulders, yellow-orange beards.  Good rebloomer.      By Zurbrigg, 1985

Amarillo Frills
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 38” tall
Heavily laced bright yellow flower, yellow orange beards.
By  B. Hager, 2002

Amazon Bride
$ Sold Out

TB,  EM  36” tall
White over white, lemon yellow edges on standards and falls, orange beards.
By  B. Hager, 1988

American Original
$ 25.00

TB,  EM 41" tall
Standards white ground barely visible in center and edges, dark burgundy wash covers most of petal; Falls yellow-white ground with wide burgundy plicata wash and dots; beard hairs based white, tips golden red-brown, medium purple based foliage.    
By  R. Tasco, 2014

American Sweetheart
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 36” tall
Rich gold over dark maroon, yellow-gold beards, gold haft lines.
By  Sexton, 1983

Amethyst Winter
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-7, ML 36” tall
Ruffled violet-amethyst flower, white tipped beards, sweet fragrance.
By  Richards, 1998

Ancient Charm
$ 8.00

TB,  ML 40” tall
Apricot over dark brick red, apricot rims, spicy fragrance
By F. Kerr, 2011

Ancient Echoes
$ 6.00

TB,  ML 34” tall
Ruffled old gold over red black, ¼” rim of tan gold, sweet fragrance.
By B. Blyth, 1997

Angel Flair
$ Sold Out

TB,  M 36” tall
Dark lavender-blue self, orange shoulders, orange-red beards terminating with dark lavender-blue pompom flounces.      By Shick, 2006

Angelus Chimes
$ 6.00

TB,  ML  33”
Ruffled white with lemon yellow center, hafts, and midribs, slight sweet fragrance. By Sorensen, 1997

Angie's Ringtone
$ 11.00

TB,  M  36" tall
Standards blue-lavender; Falls dark lavender, lighter blue-lavender time about 1/2" wide, beards orange.
By  N. Price, 2016

Anne Marilyn
$ 6.00

TB,  M 40” tall
Ruffled purple with slight violet flush on falls, white tipped beards, fragrant.  
By  Brummitt, 2000

Another Bridge
$ 7.00

TB, RE-6,  M 36” tall
Ruffled bluish purple over dark purple, ¼” lighter rim, white rays, white tipped beards,      By  B. Wilkerson, 2005

$ 7.00

TB,  RE-4,  EML 35” tall
Ruffled pale lilac, pale yellow beards tipped white,  Great reblooming iris.      
By  B. Hager, 1992

April Snowball
$ 7.00

TB,  M 37” tall
Ruffled snow white with hint of pale yellow in center and on underside of petals, slight fragrance.      By  Grumbine, 2008


IB, E, 24" tall
Standards baby pink, slightly grayed, green veined midrib, inner based tinted lilac; Falls cream area around beard; beards lavender blue, tipped more rootbeer in throat.
By  M. Smith, 2017

Aquilla’s Delight
$ 6.00

TB,  M 34” tall
Cream ground with red-violet plicata, fragrant.
By  Grumbine, 2006

Arctic Burst
$ 7.00

TB,  M  33" tall
Cold white, light lemon-yellow edge to crest over cold white, canary yellow shoulders, lower 2/3 of falls speckled and sometimes lined bishop's violet, tangerine-orange beards, slight fragrance.
By  R. Duncan, 2008

Arctic Unicorn
$ 8.00

TB,  SA,  ML  40"-42" tall
White over white, whisper of light blue, beards yellow tipped orange, bluish white horns, sometimes flounces, sweet fragrance.
By  A. & D. Cadd,  2012

Art School Angel
$ 6.00

TB,  M 32" tall
Ruffled white, blue tinted center, yellow beards tipped white, 1" white flounces,
Slight sweet fragrance.
by  Vizvarie, 1989

$ Sold Out

TB,  ML  36"
Rose pink over amber pink, amber hafts, tangerine beards
By  P. Anfosso, 1990

Artistic Web
$ Sold Out

TB, M  38" tall
Light pink washed magenta over salmon apricot ground streaked with beetroot purple, white beards tipped bronze, sweet fragrance.
by  R. Tasco, 2010

Ascent Of Angels
$ Sold Out

TB,   M 36” tall
Heavily ruffled wisteria blue with deeper midribs over wisteria blue washed violet, sweet fragrance.       By  M. Bernard, 1996

Asteroid Shower
$ Sold Out

TB,  M  34" tall
Standards off white, yellow rims at edges, yellow rays at midribs; Falls white, bright-yellow shoulders & rims, purple rays radiate from beard, lower 1/2 of falls heavily dotted purple specks to edge, beards yellow-orange.  By  J. Hedgecock, 2012

$ 7.00

TB,  ML 36” tall
Lemon yellow over deep burgundy red, golden yellow beards, small sunburst by beards.        By  P.C. Anfosso, 1988

$ Sold Out

TB,  RE-8, M 36” tall
Ruffled rosy orange bloom, orange beards, sweet fragrance.
By  O. Schick, 2005

Aunt Hank
$ 7.00

TB,  M 36” tall
Ruffled medium pink over darker pink, white center line, orange beards tipped pink. By  Hedgecock, 2000

Aunt Margaret
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-6,  EM 32" tall
Deep velvety bluish purple self and matching beards, slight sweet fragrance.
By  D. Spoon, 2002

Aunt Mary
$ 6.00

TB, RE-4, EML 34” tall
White ground, blue violet plicata markings and rims.
By  Stanek, 2000

Autumn Circus
$ Sold Out

TB,   RE-4,   EML 34” tall
White with purple lines of various lengths on petals.
By  B. Hager, 1990

Autumn Harbor
$ 6.00

TB,  RE-9,   EM 37 ” tall
Ruffled gentian blue over wisteria blue, with darker center, white tipped beards.    
By  G. Sutton, 1997

Autumn In Missouri
$ Sold Out

TB,  M  32" tall
Standards and style arms light brown; Falls dark brown, slight light brown rim, gold beards.    By  O.D. Niswonger, 2015

Autumn Thunder
$ 7.00

TB,  RE-4,  EML 37” tall
Ruffled violet blue over darker violet blue, slight musky fragrance.
By  G. Sutton, 2000

Autumn Tryst
$ 6.00

TB, RE-4,  EM  34" tall
White, stippled and edged rosy lavender over white edged rosy lavender, pale
yellow beards.
By  J. Weiler, 1993

Avalon Dreamer
$ 6.00

TB,  M 37 ” tall
Heavily ruffled aster violet, pale yellow beards with light tip.
By  B. Maryott, 2002

Awakening Embers
$ Sold Out

TB, E 36" tall
Standards dark velvety cherry-purple self; beards orange, pronounced fragrance.
By Schreiners, 2019

Awesome Alex
$ Sold Out

TB, RE-8,  SA,  ML 36”  tall
White with lavender wash, bronze beards, purple horns.         
By  T. Burseen, 2003

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